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Ceud mìle fàilte!   [key'-udt mee'-luh fal'-tchuh]

One hundred thousand welcomes!
The mission of the Clan MacKinnon Society 
is to engage and support our members in promoting 
the history, culture and legacy of Clan MacKinnon

On behalf of the Clan MacKinnon Society, I would like to share with you an update on the activities/projects that have been recently undertaken.

1. The society has a legitimate set of by-laws voted on by the membership.
2. We are recognized as a legitimate legal entity as a mutual benefit non-profit corporation.
3. We are in the development stages of a plan to incorporate a 501-c-3
tax status for charitable purposes.
4. Regularly scheduled board meetings are conducted through a teleconference  mode to conduct meetings.
5. Scholarship opportunities for members and their families are offered.
6. A commissioners manual to provide direction and give definition to the role of commissioner is available.
7. A viable website with links to Facebook and genealogy sites are provided.
8.  We also offer Pay Pal as a means of payment for membership in the 
     Clan MacKinnon Society.  You can find the membership form and the 
     Pay Pal service on the members page.
9.  Our membership extends to 23 states in the United States, the 
     following provinces in Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Nova
     Scotia, and Ontario).  We also have members in France, Scotland,
     Australia, New Zealand,and Indonesia. 


We currently hold our General Meetings every  two years. Our next General Meeting will be in 2016 in CHICAGO, ILLINOIS in the month of June.  Please start planning now to attend.

If you are not a member, please consider joining us.  It's a lot of fun.

If you have ever attended a Highland Games and visited the clan tent area and see the MacKinnon banner flying high...it speaks for itself.

The Society will assist you in your endeavor should you want to have a clan tent. The various highland games throughout the U.S. and the international community is the main venue used to reach out and share our MacKinnon culture and history as well.  There are many more games that do not have the MacKinnon Clan represented and we hope to change that.  YOU could be the one to provide that representation.

Please visit our directory of officers page for contact information.


Please visit our News and Events page for information regarding our first publication by Clan MacKinnon Society Publishing. Details and purchase information are available there.  We are really excited about this.

Also on our News and Events page is a list of Highland Games and festivals 2015 where we plan on hosting a Clan MacKinnon tent.  Please check it out and come visit us. Interested in becoming a commissioner?

We provide a commissioner manual, tent manual and a banner if you host a tent at a highland games event if necessary.

John McKinnon
Chairman of the Board
Clan MacKinnon Society


We wish to be a place where you can come for all you Scottish inclinations, a place where you can find all a great deal of content, resources and also leave your own footprint, communicating and sharing in the sheer brilliance of being Scottish and being a MacKinnon.


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Keep the photos (with appropriate tags) coming! We would love to see our photo albums beefed up with MacKinnons, well, being MacKinnons.  Don't hold the artistic merit back either--

Thanks for all your patience and kind words friends and kin. 
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