Clan MacKinnon Society

Septs and Associated Family Names

Although many lists exist with other names given, a family name must be recognized by a MacKinnon Chief to be considered a Sept of the Clan. In 1958 Commander Arthur Avalon MacKinnon of MacKinnon, then Chief of Clan MacKinnon, recognized the following names as Septs of Clan MacKinnon:






The only other credible list of families associated with Clan MacKinnon is that given by George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire in the Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia. However, this list is unsubstantiated because we have not been able to determine if it was ever approved by a MacKinnon Chief. In addition to the names you see above, the following names were added on the George Way list:  



Please keep in mind that anyone and everyone is welcome to join Clan MacKinnon Society no matter your family name or lineage!  We welcome all!