Clan MacKinnon Society

Scholarship & Grant Awards


  • N. Joann MacKinnon Osborne Cultural Scholarship: $250
  • Ellouise Sharman MacKinnon Cultural Scholarship: $250
  • Two DNA Grants: $100


Each year Clan MacKinnon Society awards two cultural scholarships and two DNA grants. 

The N. Joann MacKinnon Osborne and Ellouise Sharman MacKinnon Cultural Scholarships are meant to support students of the Scottish/Celtic arts of piping, singing, dancing, fiddling, highland athletics, genealogy research, Gaelic language studies, or another endeavor that promotes the culture, customs, traditions and history of the people of Scotland. These scholarships can be used for expenses related to tuition, equipment, and other fees associated with your endeavor.

The DNA Grant helps supplement the cost of a DNA test meant to assist in genealogical research. Grantees must use at least a 12 marker DNA test through Family Tree DNA and are required to share their findings with Clan MacKinnon Society so we can expand the Clan MacKinnon DNA Project that already exists through Family Tree DNA. It is important to note that this DNA Grant supports a Y-chromosome test only, so, therefore, testers must be male. Or grantees could be female if they are interested in having a father, brother, or nephew tested (for example), with their permission of course. This is because the Clan MacKinnon DNA Project only traces the male line currently. 


  • The scholarships and grants are open to all ages.
  • All Society members and their immediate family members (spouses and children younger than 24 living at home) are eligible to apply. However, as noted above, the DNA Grant supports a Y-chromosome tester only (males only).
  • You should plan to complete your project or activity (i.e., spend your scholarship/grant award) within one year of being awarded.
  • Awardees will be required to write about how they spent their award for an article to be published in a future edition of The Shankbone.
  • Recipients will return, in full, any award received if they do not participate in the event for which it was intended. In case of injury or illness, an exception may be made upon petition to the Scholarship Committee with full explanation of the circumstances.


  • The deadline to apply for a scholarship is May 1, 2017 at 11:59pm.
  • Applicants will be notified about the outcome of their applications by a representative of the Scholarship Committee by June 1, 2017.


If you have any questions, please contact the Scholarship Committee by email.


You will not be able to save and return to your application and complete it later. You must complete and submit the application in one sitting.To aid you in this, you may use the Microsoft Word template below to draft your three essay responses and then copy/cut and paste them into the online application. 

Past Cultural Scholarship Awardees

Prior cultural scholarships have gone to support the following types of endeavors:

Year               Recipient Location               Endeavor

​2016              France                                    Bass drum with clan crest to be used in the Clan MacKinnon Society Pipe Band

2016              Washington State                 Private Highland Dance lessons

2015              Ohio                                        New Highland Dance costuming

2015              Washington State                 New Highland Dance shoes and hosiery

2014              Upstate New York                Classes at Goderich Celtic College to study Celtic music

2014              Ohio                                        Highland Dance costuming and competitions

2013              Minnesota                              Tin whistle lessons

2013              Washington State                 Piping workshop

2012              Washington State                 Highland Dance lessons

2012              Minnesota                              Highland Dance

2011              NO APPLICANTS                    n/a

2010              North Carolina                       Piping lessons

2009              NO APPLICANTS                    n/a

2008              Minnesota                              Highland Dance costuming

2008              Minnesota                              Highland Dance costuming

2007              Minnesota                              Highland Dance competition

2007              Unknown                                Piping lessons​​