Clan MacKinnon Society

Join us!

A membership in Clan MacKinnon Society will introduce you to new friends who, like you, share a common interest in Clan MacKinnon and Scottish heritage and history. You'll connect with others who are interested in attending highland games and clan gatherings, conducting genealogical research, sharing stories, taking part in fundraising activities that support our service projects in Scotland, attending the Society's general meeting every two years, and discussing all things Scottish. A whole new network of people with a passion for discovering and promoting Scottish pride and history will open up to you through a membership in Clan MacKinnon Society.

In turn, your annual member dues will go to support expenses related to conducting genealogical research, producing our quarterly
The Shankbone newsletter (a publication exclusively for members), funding an annual scholarship for studies in Celtic and Pictish culture, service projects in Scotland, and our general meeting (which occurs every two years).​​

Attention:  German and French Prospective Members!

We are excited to announce that the Society is rapidly growing and currently has many new members through two very active international branches in France and Germany. Frank Thyssen MacKinnon (pictured left) is our Germany Commissioner, and Robert Amyot (pictured right) is our Commissioner for Continental Europe based in France. If you are from France or Germany and wish to become a member in Clan MacKinnon Society, please visit their websites and email Frank and Robert directly. They will coordinate your membership enrollment process. 


Member Benefits​

Support and promote the history and legacy of Clan MacKinnon by becoming a member of Clan MacKinnon Society today! As a member you will enjoy:

  • A membership card and welcome packet
  • The Shankbone, our quarterly newsletter for members and their families only
  • Highland games clan tent planning and hosting guidance (we are always looking for tent hosts, or "commissioners," as we refer to them)
  • Exclusive members-only access to workshops offered at our general meeting held every two years (to occur next in Nova Scotia in summer 2018)
  • Networking with fellow members who share an interest in Clan MacKinnon history, genealogy, heraldry, and Scotland
  • The knowledge that you are helping to support and keep our illustrious Clan MacKinnon history and legacy alive for this and future generations!​​