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Clan MacKinnon

Clan MacKinnon is an ancient Scottish clan associated with the islands of Skye and Mull off Scotland's west coast. Clan MacKinnon can trace its lineage back to Aibertach of Lorn, a wealthy and renowned warrior with considerable land holdings (he held Mull, Tyree, Iona, and other land). The Clan supported the Jacobites and fought at Culloden, as well as aided Bonnie Prince Charlie in his flight to France. "The Prince was pursued by the King’s men across the Highlands and islands of western Scotland, bravely aided by many highland clans. Among them was Clan MacKinnon whose chief, John MacKinnon, helped the prince escape from the Isle of Skye. In thanks for his bravery the Prince gave John MacKinnon the secret recipe to his personal liqueur, a gift that the Clan were to treasure down the generations. An extraordinary elixir that would, many years later, become known to the world as Drambuie" (Source: 

  • ​Clan Chief: Madam Anne Gunhild MacKinnon of MacKinnon
  • Clan Motto: Audentes Fortuna Juvat (Fortune assists the daring/Fortune favors the bold)

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